Beat The Holiday Bulge

The holidays bring a wealth of family gatherings, parties, and other functions that are full of high-calorie, unhealthy food. With it, inevitably, comes that dreaded holiday weight gain that leads us all to resolve in the New Year to shed it and keep it off.  Fit Body Boot Camp CEO/ Fitness Trainer Bedros Keuilian shows that it doesn’t have to be a vicious cycle, with these simple tips to keep your waistline in check this holiday season:

  • Plan Your Workouts. Set a regular yet varied fitness schedule. Come 6 o’clock when its dark and cold out you’re more likely to head to a class or workout you’ve already scheduled than putting it off for your warm couch. 
  • Snack Healthy. Keep a stockpile of nutritional snacks as a backup when disaster strikes. We all have those midnight cravings, yet you’re more likely to go with something quick and healthy if you have it easily accessible.
  • Utilize Active Rest. The Afterburn effect has been scientifically proven to elevate the metabolism and increase fat burning for up to 30 hours AFTER a workout.  But to make a big fat melting metabolic shift we need big moves.  A member of my Fit Body Family; Josh Carter came up with the ‘Afterburn Super Burpee’.  Add 5 rounds of this move for 30 seconds with 30 seconds rest and you’ll experience everything Afterburn has to offer. 
  • Limit the Booze. If you can’t stay away from the Christmas cocktails, switch up your favorite cocktails to incorporate less sugar and more sparkling water. Not only will this help keep you hydrated but it will limit the likelihood of the morning after hangover. 
  • Have an Eating Plan. There are always those foods we can’t avoid at the holiday party. However, choose just one indulgence to make and stick to veggies and lean protein to keep you full otherwise. This will help curb your cravings and keep you from overindulging later.

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