Celebrity Favorite Spa Week Treatments For $50

UnknownThis Spa Week, from April 13th-19th, nearly 500 participating spas across the country will be offering a wide selection of high-end services such as Botox, microdermabrasion, hydrafacials, and more for just $50. With Spa Week on the horizon, you can access the same luxurious spas (and spa treatments) as your favorite socialits and celebrities.

Check out the luxurious offerings below:

Tikkun Holistic Spa
Gwyneth Paltrow, A-List founder of the lifestyle empire Goop, recently made headlines when she wrote about her love of V Steams at Tikkun Holistic Spa in Hollywood.

Ling Skin Care
With more than 30 years dedicated to perfecting the art of skincare, Ling has joined traditional Asian health principles with modern Western technology and innovative ingredients to provide a high-quality product line that can be used daily. It’s no surprise that Ling Skin Care has established a loyal following. High-profile celebrities such as Madonna, Gisele Bundchen, Alicia Keys, Meg Ryan and Uma Thurman return again and again.

Red Door Spa
Red Door is famous as a luxury haven for face and body, sought after by many Hollywood stars and New York socialites. Taylor Swift is a fan of their luxurious facials and massages.

Dorit Baxter Day Spa
This award-winning spa offers some of the best facials, massages, and body treatments in New York. Their treatments are favored by numerous sophisticated New Yorkers, world travelers and celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg and Courtney Cox.

Joanna Vargas Salon, Skin Care Sanctuary
Before big events, actresses and pop stars such as Karlie Kloss and Michelle Williams call Joanna Vargas to get them red-carpet ready.

Getting to enjoy an A-lister’s favorite spa treatments for just $50 is definitely one of Spa Week’s biggest perks! images Unknown

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