Enjoy Blue Nun Wines Over The Holidays Or Any Day

A glass of wine makes a great pairing with just about any holiday activity, from gift wrapping to meal prep. I was given the opportunity to sample Blue Nun Wines this holiday season, and the Riesling and Authentic White bottles I received were perfect pairings with my holiday activities.

When I was a teenager, I had the opportunity to spend time in a small town, Mainz, which was near the Rhine River in Germany. Our host family took us on a wine tasting tour, where we had the chance to spend the day hopping on and off a ferry that shuttled tourists to the area’s various wineries. I learned quite a bit about Germany’s wine history and wine making region, and so I jumped at the opportunity to sample wines from the Rhine region.

riesling_int_normThe Riesling

The Riesling, Blue Nun’s specialty wine, is the iconic wine of Germany. The wine had a bit of acidity and was highly aromatic, with notes of fruitiness and a slightly sweet flavor that’s light and crisp. Riesling in general is a very aromatic wine, with floral and fruity notes, and I found that this bottle had notes of apple and tree fruits. This combination made it a great glass to sip in warm weather, with or without the addition of sliced fruit to make a nice, light Sangria.

This drink, according to the winery, pairs well with light stews, chicken, vegetables, Asian cuisine and fish dishes. Because of it’s light flavor, I wouldn’t recommend cooking with it (cooking while sipping it is fine, but it doesn’t have a strong enough flavor to add depth to a cream or wine sauce).

The Authentic Whiteauthenticwhite

The Blue Nun Authentic White that I was given was sweeter, with a fruity flavor, but very refreshing. As
someone who prefers dry, white wines, I was surprised at how enjoyable this bottle was. For those who gravitate towards sweeter, fruitier wines, this bottle is a must-try. And even if you tend towards a dry bottle of Chardonnay, this Authentic White was a refreshing break from the heavier, oakier flavors I’m used to sipping. It’s definitely a warm weather wine.

The winery states that this wine pairs well with poultry, light meat dishes, fish, Asian and vegetarian cuisine. This wine also paired well with a good book and relaxing afternoon, and as a beverage of choice after a day at the pool.


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