Get Beach Ready and Healthy Year Round with Tia Blanco!

tia blancoPro Surfer. Athlete. Vegan. Reef Ambassador. Tia Blanco knows inside and out, the qualities of a healthy lifestyle.

Ranked #1 in the NSSA Open Womens Division, #1 in Surfing America Prime U18 Division and hailing as 2013 West Coast NSSA champion for the Open Womens division (as well as being a head to toe ambassador for Reef), this 17 year old has become a powerhouse on the women’s surfing scene.

In addition to being a pro surfer, Tia exemplifies a healthy lifestyle all around, by adding in running, yoga, stand up paddling and tumbling to her athletic routine, and sticking to a strictly vegan lifestyle. Therefore, she knows what it takes to keep her body in shape throughout the year.

She has the following tips to share about keeping your body beach-ready all year round:

  • Eat clean, it doesn’t have to be hard! I like getting healthy recipesfrom
  • Take a run or jog (especially on the beach, if you have access)
  • Try surfing, you don’t have to be a pro to have fun and get a great workout – I go everyday
  • Do yoga at the studio, home, or the beach
  • Stand up paddling works great for toning your muscles
  • Taking a walk with your dog, friends, spouse or parents is always a great way to get exercise (and bond)!

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