Holiday Cocktails, Hold the Hangover

“T ‘is the season of giving, so Xanté is happy to share the holiday cheer and offer cocktail connoisseurs a pleasurable experience in a glass without the hangover,” says Xanté CEO Adele Nilsson.

Hangovers are as much a part of the holidays as decorations, gifts, and overindulgent feasts. With that said, every savvy fashionista in the know has always b-lined it for the coconut water first thing in the morning after being out and about to calm pounding heads and hydrate cotton-mouths. Hopefully the booze-loving Santa will be stuffing your stocking with the secret to avoiding these nuisances altogether!

By consuming a cocktail with a low-sugar base and a hydrating component, consumers can wake up in the morning feeling like a million bucks. Say goodbye to your party’s dreaded aftermath with Xanté’s signature “Anti-Hangover” cocktail. Recipe cited below.

To further enhance your post-party bliss, Xanté also suggests eating a healthy meal before drinking and consuming a glass of water between cocktails. Following these tips will not only cut down on the calories you consume, but will also help ward off that next-day funk known as the hangover!

3 AM Cocktail (Anti-Hangover)

unnamed-51 part Xanté Pear Spirit

1 part Passion Fruit Coconut Water

2 parts San Pellegrino Lemonata Soda

1 lime wedge

Mix Xanté and Coconut Water in a cocktail glass. 

Pour over ice and top with Lemonata soda and squeeze of lime. 

Recipe courtesy of New York City-based chef Linnea Johansson, who hasxante 2 thrown hundreds of parties with some of the biggest names in show business, such as Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sean Combs, Sienna Miller, Juliane Moore, and Kate Bosworth. She has even taught celebs like Paris Hilton and Susan Sarandon how to cook. Author of Perfect Parties: Tips and Advice from a New York Party Planner.

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