Live Ultimate Shines At GBK Luxury Lounge

We all have skincare concerns. Celebrities, I’ve learned, have an entire host of issues that go way beyond the occasional blemish. Marie Mawji shared a story about having to help scrub heavy makeup off of husband Aly Mawji after shooting a scene where he played a corpse – and even for those playing living characters, set makeup in general is heavy, pore-clogging, and difficult to remove.

Actors have hectic travel schedules, which can lead to their skin looking tired, puffy, and run down, as can late night social obligations. And yet, celebrities are under pressure to always look their best, have a flawless complexion, and appear rested.

Enter Live Ultimate, the new line of luxe, all natural skin and sun care products that are taking Hollywood by storm. As the company explains, consumers are often pressured to sacrifice a level of effectiveness when choosing an organic or natural product, or more drastic results, but expose themselves to the toxic additives in other mainstream alternatives. This company has chosen natural, botanically-based formulations designed by Mother Nature to provide drastic results that are safe for the skin and the body.

Where many mainstream products include just enough active, botanical, or “buzz” ingredients for marketing purposes or to put on a label, this brand has maxed out the effective dosage for these ingredients, ensuring that the products are not only safe, but as or more effective than their more toxic counterparts.

Even better, the company has a focus on philanthropy. They explain that Live Ultimate is both a noun and a verb, and that “for those who have the privilege of living ultimate, there is an obligation to give back to those less fortunate.” They do this through numerous charitable initiatives, including The Serena Williams Live Ultimate Run and The Live Ultimate End Child Hunger Initiative, which has partnered with No Kid Hungry and Share Our Strength.

Check out their full line of products and stay tuned for some in-depth reviews.

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