Mother-Daughter Duo Partner to Create Range of Affordable to Luxury Window Treatments

Drapes Decor Rebrands to South Florida Millennial Homes, Founded in 1999 

As of late, the real estate market has caused an influx of younger families to scramble and swipe up new condos and homes. With this shift, founder of Drapes Decor Toti Fleischman has partnered with daughter Amy to bring a fresh eye and perspective to a home-decor must that has been around for centuries.

“A beautiful home looks unfinished without draperies,” says Toti Fleischman, president of Drapes Decor and More. “Our philosophy is that drapes don’t have to ‘be expensive’ to ‘look expensive’. With the right combination of colors and fabric, a window can be dressed economically creating a beautiful product to complement the look and luxury of your home. With a keen eye for design and color coordination, our team delivers a finished product that is impeccable in style and superior in construction.”

Buying a home or condo can be extremely expensive and time consuming. As specialized interior designers, the Drapes Decor team can transform a space through windows alone. Whether working with existing furniture, or starting fresh, the finished product will incorporate client preferences while staying within budget. With the addition of Amy to the Drapes Decor team, options have become more fun and affordable. Millennials have the choice to ramp up windowdecor and add style and privacy to their homes with Drapes Decor window treatments.

The leading-edge looks created by Drapes Decor reflect the individual style and desires of each client. With one-on-one collaboration, each project is fully tailored to the client needs. Amy adds, “Window treatments are the finishing touch to any design. We understand that with so many options available, choosing the right fit can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in and help ease the design process.” With just a few easy steps the Drapes Decor team is ready to help clients make their house into a home without the need to hire an interior designer.


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