Gives Attendees Meaningful Conversation At GBK’s Golden Globes Gifting Suite

This past weekend, nearly 100 celebrities across multiple genres converged on the W Hotel in West Hollywood for a time-honored pre-awards show tradition: the gifting suite. One of the brands that stood out among the (impressive) crowd was MyIntent, which describes itself as a “catalyst for ┬ámeaningful conversations and positive energy.” How do they accomplish this?


It all starts with a word. Your word, more specifically, which is hand-embossed on a washer-shaped medallion which is tied onto your wrist as a bracelet, or worn as a necklace. Your bracelet isn’t meant to be taken off – rather, it’s meant to drive meaningful conversations about your reason for choosing the word and remind you to work on your intent. When the string breaks, it’s a signal that you’ve achieved your purpose, and that it’s time for you to move on.

Seems so simple that it’s gimmicky, right? Wrong. There’s a reason that the company was featured on The Today Show and that the bracelets are exploding in popularity.

“What’s your word?”

I chose the word “Rebirth” as a testament to the rebirth I’m going through after a nasty marriage, even uglier divorce, re-entry into the workforce after a long hiatus, and the process of picking up the pieces of my life and reassembling them the way I want to.

That question made me sit and think about a word that would truly be my intent – and it put into writing a process I’ve been struggling to identify for nearly a year. It’s both served as an affirmation for all of the positive changes in my life and a constant reminder that I’m now in the driver’s seat. I feel its weight on my wrist (it’s actually not heavy – but somehow, psychologically, I feel its weight more than I do any of my other jewelry), and it reminds me daily to make choices that will benefit my son’s life and mine.

Check out their line and choose your word online. While they’re great as gifts, too, because they’re so personal, I’d love to see the ability to gift a bracelet and allow the recipient to choose his or her own word.


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