PR Dislosure

In the course of writing this blog, I have the opportunity to review products, receive samples, gain admission to events, or otherwise work with PR professionals. As a trained reporter with more than 10 years’ experience in mass media – having written for some of the largest print newspapers in the country, I in no way let these product samples influence my views, and I do not accept any other forms of compensation for the posts that I write.

I make every effort to disclose in the body of posts when I have received samples for review, and what those samples consist of; however, it should be assumed that if I am writing a product review, I have received a product sample unless I explicitly state otherwise.

While disclosures such as these were never required on my newspaper’s masthead (where we routinely reviewed products that came through our newsroom), please consider this my full and fair disclosure that I’m No June Cleaver, like most media outlets, does work with PR professionals and review product samples. No, we don’t get paid per post, and no we don’t consider our reviews to be advertorial.